Craft Stick Photo Frame

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How cute is this craft stick photo frame that looks like a “kissing booth”? It is really easy to make too! It will make a great keepsake gift this Valentine’s Day or any other day!

Craft stick frame

You will need:

  • craft sticks(7)
  • wooden pegs/clothespins(2)
  • craft foam
  • craft foam letters and numbers
  • marker
  • glue/glue gun

Materials needed

Start by gluing the frame, using 4 sticks. Then add the three sticks at the bottom and another standing on its side. Lastly, attach the pegs at the back, making sure it is in line with the lowest stick so that it can stand on its own.

Stick frame Now use the craft foam to make up the “booth”.  Add an awning, bunting, hearts, lips, anything you’d like. Also add lettering saying “kiss” or “kisses”, “5c”. Older kids can easily be involved in making these frames.

Add a piece of cardboard to the back, leaving it open so a photo can slide in.

Frame decorating

Add a photo, and voila, a cute craft stick kissing booth photo frame for a loved one!

Craft stick frame

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