Dinosaur Party

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My little man turned 5 and we had a Dinosaur Party to celebrate the milestone! Rawr!
Dinosaur party
So, I had a full week to plan and execute this party, that meant that I did not have enough time for all the ideas I had, but at least some ideas materialized! There is so much one can do with this theme!

Party Time
Since the weather looked great we ordered a jumping castle that looks like a crocodile/ dinosaur. This, together with the splash pool was entertainment enough!
Then, I set up a dinosaur small world area for the younger toddlers.
Small world
I wanted to make a Dino egg pinãta, but then I had a brilliant crazy idea to make individual ones. Let me tell you, I will not attempt paper machè-ing 12 eggs again! It took ALOT of time, but at the end it was worth it! It served as decor, entertainment and party packs with sweets in one!
Pinãta eggs

For other decor, green and yellow balloons(some filled with helium), green twirlers with dino prints and these banners(printable from Meagan Musing. And of course dinosaur toys! Also, plain yellow party packs with strips of green zigzagged paper made great dino party hats!

For the eats, I commanded my husband up to carve a dino head out of the watermelon and he did a mighty fine job! Further, we had dinosaur cookies on edible rocks, chocolate dino eggs, dino sandwiches, to name a few, and other eats for carnivores and herbivores!

AND the cake! My son wanted an ice cream cake this year, so I ordered a round cake and asked them to make it look like a nest. I froze small dinosaurs in balloons and used that as the “cake toppers”. I made an egg for each child as a party favour, but first they had to free the dinosaurs, great fun!

It was such a lovely party, the weather worked with us this time plus the friends all had a great time!
Dino party

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