Christmas Tree Luminary

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We are joining the Kid-made Decorations series today and made a pretty Christmas tree luminary from salt dough!
Christmas tree luminary
You might remember the Christmas Tree Handprint Keepsake or the Fingerprint Wreath Ornament ? This was the salt dough from that same batch. 3 special projects with one batch of salt dough! (See the keepsake post for the recipe)

Materials needed:

  • green salt dough
  • Small funnel
  • plastic wrap
  • bling/sequins

Materials needed
This is how the Christmas tree luminary was made:
First, I wrapped the funnel with the plastic wrap. This helped to remove the dried shape from the funnel easily. Then, the dough was rolled out to a circular shape and a hole was added. Finally, it was wrapped around the funnel.
My almost 5 year old (freely) decorated the tree using the bling objects. I made holes all around using a thick straw.
We left the shape as is for a day so that it can set. Some of the bling did fall off, but a little bit of glue fixed that.
After a day I removed the dough from the funnel and placed it upside down in a glass so that the inside can air dry. We left it for over a week. I think you can oven bake it, depending on the type of bling you added, but we were in no hurry. After it dried completely, we added a small light on the inside and voila, a pretty Christmas tree luminary!
Tree luminary
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