Rustic Snowman Ornament Gift

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Our tree is up and it is beginning to look quite festive in our house! We made another tree ornament, this rustic snowman. It is intended to be a gift, but I love it so much now I don’t want to give it away! I am sharing this snowman ornament gift as part of the 10 Days of Kid-made Christmas
Snowman ornament
I have used the following materials to make the snowman:

  • 3 small-ish twiglike balls for the body
  • a pipecleaner for the hat
  • 2 buttons for the eyes
  • orange triangle craft foam for the nose
  • piece of ribbon as a scarf

Materials needed

This ornament will take you 10 minutes or less to make. It is easy enough for kids to make too! PS: add the parts to a little box as a gift idea for a child to make the ornament by her/himself!

Steps to make the snowman:
1) Attach the balls to each other with glue or a glue gun.
2) Attach the eyes and nose.
3) Curl the pipecleaner into a spiral, to look like a hat.
4)Use the ribbon as a scarf and attach around the “neck”.
5) Lastly, add a piece of string so that the snowman can be used as a hanging ornament.
There you have a pretty snowman ornament you can give as a gift or keep it for your own tree, lol!
Snowman ornament gift
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