Worded Clay Ornaments

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We do love making our own Christmas tree ornaments, don’t you? We’ve joined up with other kid bloggers to bring you lots of ideas during 10 Days of Kid-made Christmas !
We made these pretty awesome worded clay ornaments!
Worded Clay Ornaments
Salt dough is usually our go-to material when making decorations and keepsakes, but for this one we used air drying clay, just because I wanted a crisp white colour and it is lighter too.
We rolled the dough out, then pressed three stars. We used our letter cookie cutters to add the letters J, O and Y. (You can use letters of your choice AND use the opportunity to revise sounds and letters too.)
Clay ornaments
Small holes were made at the top of the stars using a straw. It was left to air dry and was dry within a day.
After it dried, I added the string with the beads. I initially used sticky tape but then decided to rather use the glue gun to attach the string the string to the back of the stars so it will stay in place.
And that is it- pretty clay ornaments spelling words, the possibilities are endless!
Clay Ornaments
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