Santa Craft Sticks Photo Frame

One craft material we use A LOT, is craft sticks! It is cheap and one can do so much with it!

Like with this pretty Santa photo frame ornament my daughter made this year as keepsake!

We make a photo keepsake each year for our tree. Last year both kids made Salt Dough Handprint & Photo keepsakes. This year, my son made a Gingerbread House Photo Frame also from craft sticks and my daughter this Santa frame. Too cute, right?

Materials needed:

  • Thick craft sticks
  • Red and black marker(you can use paint too)
  • Shiny bit of craft foam or cardboard
  • Sturdy cardboard for the back
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

materials needed

What to do:

Cut the cardboard according to the size of sticks you’ve packed to form the frame. Mark where to cut so there is space for a photo. Cut on the lines and glue the sticks onto the cardboard:

frame prep  

Only colour or paint one stick black:

colour black

Add the belt piece:
add belt

Then colour or paint the rest of the sticks red:

colour red

I made a slit at the back for the photo and cut the pieces of cardboard so it won’t show at the front. I also added a piece of ribbon to the back to be hung on the tree:

I added the date and my daughters name:


And voila: a pretty keepsake for our Christmas tree!
santa stick frame ornament
You have to see this awesome Christmas Ornaments book! Click the image below for details:

Christmas Ornaments


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