Classic Barbie Cake

So, my daughter turned six! Where did the time go?! We did not have a big party this year(had a class party with Peppa Pig cupcakes and cups for pig noses and took some friends to Spur after school), but there had to be a cake and she wanted a Barbie cake!

I remember having a Barbie cake when I turned 5(I think) and always wanted to bake one myself, it is such a classic cake!

Don’t look too closely though, because you will see lots of imperfections(I am definitely not making a living from decorating cakes!), but she loved her cake and that is all that matters, right?

So, my point, if I can make this, anyone can! Here is how:

I baked 4 small-ish cakes. The one cake I baked in a bowl with a bowl shape for the top part of the cake so I don’t have to do much carving. I used THIS cake recipe and made it one and a half times. I coloured the cake batter pink too.

The cakes went into the freezer overnight, wrapped in cling film and foil(to keep its moisture). I took it out to thaw the next morning and left it for about 3 hours. Then I made the holes in the middle for the doll to fit. I could not find my round cookie cutter, so I used this octagon shaped one.

The cakes were stacked and iced with pink buttercream frosting. I used 750g of icing sugar, so it was quite a lot, but necessary.

I fitted the doll in the cake and added some of the cut-off cake pieces to the hole next to the body to keep her steady:

The biggest work was to get the rosettes(using a closed star tip) iced all around the dress layers. I started at the back to get the hang of it first and then worked around to the front. Wherever there were empty spots I added some more icing with the 2D tip:

Lastly, sugar pearls were added. Around the cake, meringues and the candle finished it off:

A pretty and classic cake that was really not that hard to do! Will you be trying it soon?
Perfect image size to share to Fabebook or Instagram(thank you!)

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