A-Z of Animals Series Complete

For the past 26 days, during the A-Z of Animals Series, we have been sharing about animals: fun learning activities and crafts!

A-Z of Animals

Each kid blogger chose a letter of the alphabet and an animal that starts with that letter and showed us how to learn, or craft, about that animal! a-m of animals

Preschool Powol Packets used a paper plate to make this Albatross craft. My Bright Firefly had fun outside with water and rocks to build a beavers nest: B is for Beaver. Playdough and Popsicles showed us how to make this cute Crab and Crafty Kids at Home an adorable Duck!

Peakle Pie has some fun Elephant game suggestions you have to try. Messy Little Monster used rocks for this Fish craft, fun to play with too! Learn about Giraffes as shared by Kid World Citizen or make a fun Hedgehog like Schooling a Monkey.

Your sensory kiddo will love this I is for Insects Sensory Tray by Tuff Spot Play. Uno Zwei Tutu made this stunning Jellyfish and Danya Banya a cute Koala Mask. Mommy and kiddo can make this Lobster by Crafty Mama in ME and I’m showing how to make a Monkey Finger Puppet!

n-z of animals

Little Bins for Little Handsbuilt a great Lego Narwhal while Powerful Mothering made this sweet Octopus.

 Kelly’s Classroom taught us all about P is for Platypus  and I showed you how to make a Quagga from a cardboard roll!

 Learn all about Rhinos by Kid World Citizen and make a paper Snake as shown by Raising Little Superheros.

 Next were T is for Turtle by Look We are Learning and a fun craft, U is for Unicorn by Artsy Momma.

 Find out if Vampire Bats are real by Royal Baloo or have some sensory fun while learning about

Wonderful Whales as seen on Living Montessori Now.

 Wolfs are interesting animals and you can learn all about them at Kidminds.

 Xenarthra  is such a big word, but Share it Science showed us which animals belongs to that group.

 Make these Y is for Yak straws to drink your (pink) milk by Peakle Pie or find great printables for

 Z is for Zebra over at Kori at Home’s blog.

Such a fun series and definitely something kids of all ages will enjoy!

Thank you to all the contributing bloggers!

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a-z of animals

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