Upcycled Project: Toad stool Table

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I just looove how this turned out! I saw a picture of this on Pinterest and when hubby had one of these wire toll things (not sure what they are called) at work, I immediately said: “mine”! 
I asked him to spray paint the white base coat at work, convenient that they have the tools for that, so the preperation was done when it arrived at our house. Ready to be transformed into something awesome! We have two, this is the smaller one, finished. Still have to get to the big one!
Before the painting Lella already used it as a writing table.
I cut different size circles (using the Paper plate method to get them perfectly round), for the top, and used tape for the grass underneath the table. This help the painting results look more defined.
I used enamel paint, simply to make it washable. I used this trick to minimise the mess on the rim of the can. 
I used a rolling brush for the red part, it just looks more even then.
1st coat done! I love how the small crevice became a tiny “door” to the fairies!
When completely dry, another coat was painted and then, again, when completely dry, I only removed the tape and circles.
The holder with pencils fits nicely into the hole in the middle of the table. Another idea I have, is to get a round piece of thin wood board cut to the size of the table and painted with chalk board paint. Then we could sometimes use that on the table to draw. I’m thinking for lego lovers, you could do this changable top, but with a lego base board. Possibilities…
Now to just get the other one done also, and maybe one or two more? Will look awesome to have a whole bunch of them, use them together for when I have more kids over for craft class, and best of all, they are stackable!
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