Superhero Bookcase/Dress Up Corner

Today I am sharing my latest upcycling project: a fabulous Superhero bookcase and/or dress up corner! superhero bookcase   
This bookcase has been around since I was a child, so I won’t tell you how old it is! It had a few looks, but the last time I painted it white and did not do anything with it until now. I wanted to use it in my son’s room, the poster we used for his Superhero Party was collecting dust and his Superhero gear were everywhere, so that was the inspiration for this project!

I was too lazy to paint so I rather spray painted the bookcase black. Then I cut the poster up to fit into the bookcase. I used modge podge to glue it to the back of the bookcase. For the bottom part I used red wrapping paper.

I gave the black paint a bit of character by dry-brushing it with metal paint. For hooks I used Lego. Small nails and a glue gun was used to fix the “hooks” to the sides.

The top shelf we use for figurines and such and the red bins(decorated with some logos) on bottom shelf keeps all the looks parts that can’t hang. The name sign was made from daddy’s old t-shirt, a lovely keepsake decor item, see details HERE!

superhero shelf  
I love how this upcycling project turned out and it is SO useful! And not to mention that my son’s is quite impressed with his Superhero bookcase slash dress up corner! And I’m happy that the superhero gear is not everywhere any more!



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