Monkey Finger Puppet

Today’s letter in the A-Z of Animals Series is the letter M. M for Monkey!

We made this cute monkey puppet from pipecleaners, so easy, but so cute!

pipecleaner monkey puppet   
The most common monkey we get here in South Africa is the vervet monkey. These monkeys are not brown though, but a blue-ish grey and in my language we all them “blouapie”, which translates directly to blue monkey. The vervet monkeys are very cheeky and would steal you food from your house(in certain parts of the country), just like that!

Today’s monkey is a brown cutie made from pipecleaners.

I used a half for the legs, half for the arms and a whole one for the body plus tail. I used a ready made monkey face, but you can make your own from felt, craft foam or cardboard.

pipecleaner monkey  
The pipecleaners were bent as shown in the picture above and put together as shown below. The coiled part(body) fits around ones finger to make it into a finger puppet.

  monkey body   
I simply stuck the head on the top of the body and waited for it to dry before playing with it. Tip: Make five monkeys and sing the song “Five monkeys jumping on the bed”.

monkey puppet  
Easy least, but fun! One could make all kinds of animals with this method. What will you make?


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