Shape Robot Felt Busy Box

Today’s busy box idea is really simple, but fun! It’s a felt shape robot! Build your own robot using the shapes!

shape robot felt box

Our previous busy boxes were a hit, so I made another one so we can swop it around with the ones in the car so the kids don’t get bored with it.

Again I used a lunch box(this one doesn’t close properly, so we don’t use it for school anymore) and some cut offs from felt sheets:
lunch box & felt

I lined the lid with a dark piece of felt, fitted snugly:


Then, I cut all kids of shapes of different colours, some shapes are intended for arms, legs, body etc. but anything goes when they build with it:

I added some details to the faces just to show you the different ways you can do it. My favourite is the button eyes one. You can sew, draw or use googly eyes or buttons for the faces. You can add details to the rest of the shapes as well.


And that is it! The kids can swop and change and build or design their own robot while on the go. The perfect busy box for boys and girls alike. My son built these below, the one he called a baby robot since the button looks like a pacifier to him, lol!

For little kids one can make cards with robot pictures that they can copy, older kids can design their own.
shape robot busy box

Grab this Ebook with 14 ideas PLUS templates!

Busy Box Ideas book

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  1. says

    These are awesome.
    what is the youngest age you recommend?
    Where do you get the lunch boxes?
    Do they lay flat?
    What is important in choosing a lunch box.

    Thanks for this.


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