Doll Dressing Felt Busy Box

Here is another fun felt busy box idea you can easily make in 10 minutes(or less), by “cheating” just a little bit!

  doll dressing felt  
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For today  busy box idea I took the easier route(it almost feels like cheating) of using ready-cut felt pieces, almost like these or these. We had these dolls with clothes for a long time, but rarely take them out to play since it is in a big  box with other felt pieces, high up on the shelf. I thought it would be a good idea to take just these dolls with clothes out and add it to an old lunch box for another fun busy box.
  materials needed  
I cut a piece of felt, to fit snugly into the lid, just lik I did with the Ocean themed busy box and the Garden themed one.

felt lid  
Then I added the dolls and their clothes. One could add more self cut clothes or accessories too. Perhaps I shall ask my daughter for her input with this…

There you go, a quick busy box idea, that won’t cost much, but will definitely entertain your child during a car trip or quiet time!

  doll dressing box  

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  ice cream  


  1. Suae Miller says

    Do you have patterns I can cute out? The templates if possible. I want to make and donate these boxes to the local charity for kids Christmas – those who wouldn’t have otherwise. I’m pretty good at most sewing and cutting but when it comes to actual making my own patterns, yep I suck at it. It you could help I’d appreciate it. thank you for any help.


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