Ice Cream Sundae Felt Busy Box

I have another fabulous felt busy box idea for you today: ice cream sundaes! What fun!

ice cream sundae
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I reused one of our old lunch boxes again together with Felt, Pompoms and yarn.

box and felt

The inside of the lid has a piece of felt that fits snugly already, so I cut a felt bowl(one could cut ice cream cones too) and added it:

felt in lid

Next, I cut the “scoops” of ice cream. We have vanilla, strawberry, mint and chocolate “flavours”. I cut small pieces of yarn to be the sprinkles and pompoms act as cherries. One could add more fruit pieces and wafers too!
bowl, scoops, sprinkles, cherries

Now your child can build his/her own ice cream sundae!

While building, fine motor skills are used to pick up the pieces(those small sprinkles works great on the pincer grip) and creativity in putting together a sundae. One could add an mathematical objective to the game for example: “order” an ice cream sundae with 2 scoops of vanilla and 2 scoops of mint, how many scoops all together?

ice cream busy box
A fun activity perfect for traveling or during quiet time!

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