Incy Wincy Spider Pipecleaner Craft

It is Rhyme Time! The last time we learned the rhyme ‘The Wheels of the Bus’ and made a bus from recyclables.

This week our rhyme is….Incy Wincy Spider, or some say Itsy Bitsy Spider! We made spiders from pipecleaners and beads!

  incy, wincy pipecleaner craft  
What you need:



Googly eyes

Red craft foam


Clear string

  materials needed  
Bend the pipecleaners(4 half ones) around each other to look like eight legs:

  pipecleaner body  
Add beads to the legs. Here the kids can use their own creativity: making patterns or adding beads randomly. This is also good fine motor muscle practice:

adding beads  Add the eyes and mouth next:

  adding eyes, mouth  
Our spiders could really climb, because we attached it to clear string. One hangs it up and pull the string to make it move while saying/singing the rhyme! 

Fun! An easy and cute craft to do when your kids learn the rhyme: Incy, Wincy Spider!

  incy, wincy spider craft  

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