Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets

It is Rhyme Time again! This week we are learning the rhyme: Five Little Ducks! We made some cute finger puppets to go along with the rhyme!

  five little ducks, finger puppets  

We used circle cut outs from corrugated card board for the ducks(ok, it looks more like chicks) finger puppets. Together with googly eyes, craft foam triangle beaks and feathers.

  materials needed  

This is a very simple craft, although it does work on fine motor skills(those eyes and beaks are very small), and spatial orientation/ body image(the eyes need to be above the beak), to name a few. Children love finger puppets, so learning this rhyme in a playful manner makes it fun too!

At the back, I attached seal plugs(is that the name?), to make it easy to hold on ones finger.

  adding. seal plugs  
Depending on how you glue it on, one can hold it in different ways, whatever feels most comfortable:

  holding the puppets  
These finger puppets are a bit too big for small fingers to hold all 5 together on all five fingers. But it works great if a few children “play” the rhyme together. An adult can easily hold all 5 and the the mommy duck in the other hand(which I did not, because I had to take the photo).

  finger puppets  
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