Mini Erasers Busy Box

Today we are sharing some learning ideas using mini erasers. I added our fruit salad erasers to a 4 compartment egg box that came from our recycle bin: mini eraser busy box.

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mini eraser busy box   

Now busy boxes are not a new concept, it is still a brilliant way to keep kids entertained while traveling or waiting at the doctors office.With this busy box one can make patterns, count it, sort it or make pictures.  skills   
The 3 year olds enjoyed playing together, making a game out of sorting the erasers: my son would put it into the wrong compartment, much to the amusement of his cousin, then the cousin will place it in the correct place.

playing  Not only is this box great for the skills mentioned above, but for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination too. Those erasers are really mini!

An easy to set up busy box, change up the erasers from time to time and it will feel like a new toy each time!

Here are some mini erasers I found at Amazon:

Zoo Animals
Cakes & Desserts
Smiling Hearts
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