Garden Felt Busy Box

I have another felt busy box idea for you! This time it is a garden themed busy box! garden felt busy box   
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After I made the Ocean Busy Box, I needed to make another one because I have two kids, and they each need one, right? Well, I’ll take any excuse to get creative!

I used a lunch box again and different colours of felt:

felt box  
I added a dark green piece to fit into the lid. Again,  didn’t glue it down, then we could change it up if needs be.

  felt background   
Then, some background pictures: a sun, clouds, grass, rocks etc. were cut:

background pictures  
And also some garden creatures and flowers(we will add some more with time): 

I used some ready-made flowers. One could use ready made sets too,but I could not find any garden themed sets on Amazon though.

A lovely busy box idea, perfect for traveling or to use during quiet time! 

What other busy box ideas do you have? Perhaps I shall make some more…

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