We are enjoying summer now and different fruits are available. This fruit-on-a-stick,some call it a fruit sosatie or kebab, looks so pretty, and will entice the kids to eat more fruit. Especially when they can make their own!

We used mangoes,strawberries,grapes,peaches and apricots. But pineapples and watermelons would also bring lovely colors to the sticks. With the peach,apricots and mangoes, I cut slices and pressed stars with the small cookie cutters. This works best on the harder type of fruit. Then Lella and her cousin also joined in and made one for themselves, sneaking some fine motor skills in, and patterning.


One could serve it with yogurt or ice cream, or even dribble just a tiny bit of chocolate over,mmm…

These fruit-on-a-stick snacks were fun to make,pretty and healthy too!



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