Cute Craft stick Decorations

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Aren’t these not adorable? And it was such fun to make,too!
We used the thicker craft sticks, we call it doctor sticks, and painted it red,white and brown. The Elf one we used floral tape and wound it around the stick.
Added brown pipe cleaners for the deer’s antlers, the Father Christmas(or Santa) got a red felt hat, the Elf a green felt hat, and the snowman a black one. Then we added the eyes, noses, and other decorative items. Lella (3years) needed some help with this activity, but older kids can easily do it themselves. 

Our 4 craft stick decorations makes our tree look so pretty! Each year crafts we add to the tree (I write the date at the back), fill up our tree more and more! In a few years all the store bought decorations will stay in the box, or maybe be upcycled, hmmm…


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