Easy Trolls Cupcakes

It’s my daughter’s seventh birthday day today! Whoa, where has time gone? She wanted Trolls cupcakes for school, so we made Trolls cupcakes for school, 30 of them! So cute, don’t you think?

Trolls cupcakes
First, please note that working with cotton candy is dangerous, lol! More gets eaten than anything else! Oh, important: and it does not keep long, so I suggest to only add the cotton candy last minute. (I did it an hour and a half before school and it already started to melt/fade away by then.)


I used the same recipe and method we did baking these Unicorn cupcakes. My daughter helped with the scooping(and my son with the tasting 😛)

I printed these FREE cupcake wrappers from Val Event Gal. Those went around the marbled cupcakes, obviously.

The inside looks like this, and it is very yummy!

Finally the cotton candy was “glued” to the cupcake using blue and pink butter icing/frosting to look like Trolls hair. To form the hair was a bit tricky, but luckily the kids did not mind the imperfect hair.


Tip: use lots of cotton candy. I started of with only a little bit because I wanted to pull it to get the desired pointy end, but it was just to little. I ended up rather using a bunch and shaped it more into cone shape. Another option is to use small, upside down ice cream cones and glue cotton candy to it.

Troll hair
There you have it, easy but adorable Trolls cupcakes! And from now on we don’t call it cotton candy, its Trolls hair!

Trolls cupcakes
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