Zoom Car Play Box

It is the last day of our A-Z of Play at Home series (it was so fun!) and with that it is letter Z’s turn. I made my boy this Zoom! car play box, perfect to play with at home, or, in the car!
Zoom car box

I reused a flat box together with these great tape products.

The flaps of the box was cut off and used as ramps:
Then the tape was added all around the box, like a race track:
I drew parking spaces and also “Gas” and “Air” pumps. I attached string to it so it is usable.
Added features
And that is it! A lovely play box that fits on a lap, which makes it the perfect activity in the car or waiting room. It is great for imaginative play and crossing the midline too!

Add your child’s favourite racing cars to the box and you have frugal fun in a box!
Car play set
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