Yarn Lacing Matching Letters & Words

Make these low prep, frugal and fun yarn lacing cards for matching letters and words!
Yarn Lacing
You will need:
Materials needed

  • A cardboard
  • yarn
  • straw
  • marker
  • Hole punch

Decide on the words and the letters you want to use. We used CVC words with vowels for vowel recognition. Punch the corresponding number of holes at the two edges of the cardboard. Write the letters and words near the holes.
You can use a plastic needle, or, you can use a straw as a needle by lacing it through and tying it. Use a yarn string long enough to connect all the words to its vowels.
Straw needle

Let your child start at the top left corner(like we write) and lace to the correct word on the right. Then go back to the left and Matching to the word on the right, and so on.
This yarn lacing activity works on letter recognition, phoneme segmentation(to hear which vowel is in the word) and fine motor skills too.
Matching words & letters
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