Yarn and Bottle Top Stampers

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Yarn is a frugal material to use for crafting, and together with these bottle tops, it makes the perfect recycled craft activity!


I bought Yarn at our local fabric shop for another activity that will be on the blog by friday(I will update this post with a link), but wanted to do something else with it as well.


I was inspired by Shaunna from Fantastic Fun and Learning’s yarn art activity, and took it a step further to create different stampers with the yarn on the bottle tops.
I’ve used milk bottle tops and a strong, clear glue together with the yarn to make these simple stampers.


I only made a few examples: shapes, numbers, letters, patterns. But the possibilities are endless!

Remember: for some numbers and letters you will have to stick the yarn down in mirror writing, for example this letter ‘L’.


Another tip I can give you is: use only a thin layer of paint to dip the stampers in, otherwise you will find that the bottle top also get full of paint, thus printing a smudge around the actual stamp.


Kids can decorate plain gift wrap, or make cards with these “personalised” stampers. It could work on fabric as well, when one wants to do fabric painting projects.

Have fun!



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