Bottle Top Toddler Toy

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We all have bottle tops laying around, right? Use them for playing and learning(find more ideas here)! Make this fun colour matching bottle top toddler toy!

Bottle Top toddler toy
Also, get your hands on this Ebook-Colors and Shapes for more fun, frugal and hands-on activities to learn about colors and shapes!
Colors and Shapes

All you need is:

  • A variety of colours of bottle tops/lids/caps(pairs). I used the bigger ones to be safe.
  • Large Velcro Dots

Materials needed
After cleaning the tops, simply stick the dots onto the tops making sure the coloured pairs will stick to each other: using a soft dot and a rough one on the same colour.

Bottle Tops
Stick the wrong colours together and let your toddler pull it apart and “fix” it. Your young toddler will find it fascinating to pull and stick, pull and stick…

Color matching
When stuck together, these bottle tops roll nicely. Roll the tops across the floor and see how far it can go, or roll it to each other or try to roll it into a container. So fun!

Rolling tops
Such a simple recycling toy using bottle tops! Keep it in a little bag in the diaper bag or in the car for on-the-go entertainment!

Bottle Top toddler toy

Also see this awesome book with loads of activities for 1 year olds! (Click on the image)
1year old Activities


  1. Rachel says

    Can you buy these somewhere? I know part of the appeal is that you already have the bottle tops at home, but I’d like to have the rainbow colors and the variety. Is there a place I could go (online) to buy them?



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