Soft obstacle course for baby on the move


Before I start, let me just apologize for the blurry photos. This is a moving game, so to get good shots of baby is almost impossible:)

I chose a few soft items: pillows, soft balls, plush toys and plastic bags inside a bigger bag. I layed it on the carpet like this:



W(13months) saw what I’m doing and already wanted to play. Also, a good thing he saw what is underneath, because later he “discovered” it again, making it fun!

I then, quickly, covered it up by using towels, a table cloth and blanket. Different textures to enhance the learning experience.




Don’t be discouraged if your baby does not want crawl over the obstacles, but rather get around it. That just means, he/she is using his/her thinking skills to overcome that obstacle!

He was very glad when he discovered his favourite soft toy!


Toddlers will also enjoy this came. Let them guess what is underneath the towel, jump over the obstacles, make a road for cars between the obstacles etc.

Have fun!


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