Hilarious Number Line Game

One can have so much fun with foam number floor puzzles! We invented this hilarious family game over the weekend: number line game!  

number line game

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We got our foam number floor puzzles out together with plastic balls. Then it was place in a number line. Here I wanted the kids to help place the number in order. They worked together(well, sister telling brother what to do and he obliged), placing the puzzles in a row. Lela walked the line while counting to see if it is correct.

prepping number line   

The game

Each one gets a turn to take a ball, BUT you are not allowed to use your hands, and drop it into a number called(by another player). So hands-free! I let the kids figure out all the ways one could carry a ball without using your hands. They were quite innovative(some cheating too)! Between the legs(like dropping and egg), under the chin, under the arm, with elbows(quite difficult), even inside your shirt!

And then mom and dad also had to join in(the basset wanted to play too), and what fun! The kids thought it hilarious mommy and daddy keeping the ball between the legs and walking like a penquin to go drop it!

mom & dad join the fun   

We had a throwing competition too to see who can get the most balls into the numbers. Quite tricky because it kept bouncing out! Taking turns was also practiced and of course throwing skills!

  throwing comp  
A fun family afternoon it was with this hilarious number line game with number puzzles!

number line game  

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