Gruffalo Props from Recyclables

Today we are joining in Read It Make It Books & Crafts Week! I chose the story of The Gruffalo because it is such a fun story, with lots of rhyming and such a cute storyline. Best of all, the characters are great to make into props, props from recyclables!
    gruffalo props
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I wanted to use recyclables to fit with our theme this month of recycling, upcycling, repurposing etc. in support of Earth Day. I grabbed some cardboard rolls, a box and markers. recyclables needed  
First, I made the animals by bending and cutting the rolls as shown below. Then I used a marker to draw the features of each character. I am not the most arty person, but this is really not difficult at all. I kept the book next to me and used it as reference.

cutting and drawing  One could leave the characters like this, but I wanted some colour so I used the colour markers to colour it in:  coloured props  
The box I left blank for the kids to decorate. You can of course let your kids colour the characters too(I didn’t trust mine with it though, but if they want to make their own, they could)! 

My son was keen on colouring the box!

To extend: add real leaves, rocks, wood chips etc. to the box and play like with it as a woodlands small world!  gruffalo story props  

A fun craft and story props to go along with the popular The Gruffalo story!

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If you do not have a copy of this book yet, here is the Amazon link for it: 



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