Gingerbread Cookies Counting

Your kids don’t need to like the taste of gingerbread cookies(mine doesn’t) with this fun counting activity!


The gingerbread cookies was cut from cardboard using a cookie stamp as a stencil. The cookies were numbered. It was added to this purple tray together with buttons:

Then, the child chooses a cookie and use the buttons to match the number. Picking up the buttons is great for fine motor skills. Number recognition and counting skills are the primary skills developing with this activity and it is fun too!


They can add more than one cookie, add the buttons and then count all the buttons to get the sum. The sum in the image below will be 5+2=? Work on bonds too by asking your child to find two cookies that will make, for instance, ten. He/she might discover that there are different ways to make ten, in other words, bonds of ten. 

This gingerbread cookie activity is a lovely hands-on way to introduce math concepts like bonds, adding and subtracting, equal, more than, less than etc.

gingerbread cookies tray  
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