Christmas Tray Activities

Christmas is fast approaching and that means you can start with al kinds of Christmassy activities! These Christmas tray activities are easy to set up and your toddler or preschooler will love it!  christmas tray activities
We have done these tray activities in the past, I will however add more soon. Click on the blue link to go to the original post with more details.

Sorting Christmas Hats
sorting Christmas hats  

Fine Motor Christmas Counting Tree
christmas tree counting
Stuffing Christmas Stockings
stuffing stockings
Matching Baubles
bauble matching

Fine Motor Sorting Christmas Trees

Sorting Christmas trees


Sorting Stars Straw Challenge

Sorting stars

These are all fun activities that works on fine motor skills, visual perception and more. You do not need a tray like this, although it is nice to have, you can use a normal tray and tape down 3 compartments.

Here is the Amazon link to buy if you’d like. There are different colours too!

Be sure to check back because I have more tray activities up my sleeve!

tray activities

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