Countdown to Christmas Surprise Box

Can you believe it is almost Christmas again? Time to start thinking about how you will make this Christmas memorable…We have started a tradition of counting down to Christmas with little surprise bags each day starting on the 1st of December. We had these paper bags hanging from a string near our Christmas tree one year, and last year I made this rustic farmhouse style advent calendar with fun stuff to do too!

This year we are combining the bag idea, but it is filled with a combination of activities, sweeties and novelty toys!

(Affiliate links included for your convenience at no extra cost to you)

You can make this yourself too! You will need:

  • A box
  • 25 paper bags
  • Circles numbered 1-25
  • Small toys, sweets, activities you place inside the bags
  • Instruction strips(optional)

These are the items inside the bags together with instruction strips:

peek inside
If you want to download the instruction strips we are using and adapt or use the exact same activities, that includes some of the links for inspiration for the days activity too, you can get it free HERE.

If you want to buy the items(or similar items) click on the blue links below:

  1. Crayons
  2. Christmas Candy
  3. Craft sticksBrown pipecleanersGoogly eyesMini red Pompoms
  4. Green Playdough
  5. White pipecleanersWhite beadsRed beads
  6. Christmas chocolate
  7. White pipecleanersBlue beads
  8. Bubbles
  9. White cardsSequins
  10. Sweet
  11. Cookie sprinkles
  12. Small bouncy ball toy
  13. Paper bagCotton wool balls
  14. Christmas chocolate
  15. Christmas colors Pom poms
  16. Christmas straw
  17. Shiny Pom poms
  18. Christmas candy
  19. Mini marshmallows
  20. Candy cane sweet
  21. White cardstock
  22. Christmas stickers
  23. Red baubles
  24. Glow sticks
  25. Mini Christmas cracker


Pack each bag according to the instruction strips, print the numbers and cut it out. Add the numbers to the correct bags. Place the bag in a box or basket to be opened each day counting down to Christmas Day!


christmas countdown boxes  Have fun counting down to Christmas!


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