Matching Baubles Christmas Tray

Today I’m sharing the last Christmas Activity Tray idea (I have loads more, but we’ll keep it for next year) we used for fun learning: Matching Baubles!

matching baubles
I reused silver and gold packaging cardboard and punched out the circles. Then added patterns with glitter glue pens. (PS it did not last long though because the glue did not stick well to the shiny board. But it did last long enough to play a few times. I would rather make felt baubles when I have more time next Christmas.)

After the glue dried, I cut the baubles in half. I stuck the one half to the tray with sticky glue(Prestik/Bluetac), the loose halves were placed in the compartments of the tray. One does not have to play on a tray like this though, I just like our trays, lol!

match baubles
My almost 3 year old enjoyed matchimg the baubles halves until all of it had their “friends”.

matching baubles tray
This activity is great for visual discrimination skills, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too!

Here are all of the fun tray activities we have learned with this Christmas!

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