No-glue, Shiny Cards

We have made these super easy shiny cards, you don’t even need glue! The possibilities are endless of you want to change up the shape or the shiny material too!

shiny cards

What you do need:

  • Card stock(we used white)
  • Sequins or shiny confetti(we used tiny stars)
  • Contact paper
  • Paper for inside
  • Shape(we used a star) you can use a cookie cutter too
  • Craft knife


materials needed   

First, and this is an adult step, fold the card and cut out the shape with the craft knife:

cut out shape   

Then, let the child add the shiny objects to the piece of contact paper. The piece should be a little bigger than the cut out picture:


Place the contact paper with shiny objects on the inside of the card and stick other paper on the inside, over the contact paper:

contact paper   

This is the outside look:


I added some dots around the star with a marker, just to finish it off. You could make a border of some sort if you’d like. I like the simplicity of the card, do you?

Such an easy card to make with little kids, no (big)mess and so pretty! Play around with different types of shapes and shiny objects and you could make a whole range!

shiny card  


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