Feel & Count Felt Eggs

I do love making things out of felt. These felt egg counters are unique since it has beads inside kids feel and count and then use the numbered side to see if they are correct.

  felt eggs counters    
I used 5 different colour felt(I plan on making more) to cut out the eggs:

materials needed  
I folded it double so that I have two sides for one egg. The egg template I cut out of cardboard.

  felt eggs   
Then I added one bead, two beads etc to an egg, sewed it up(one can simply use a glue gun to glue the two sided together) and added corresponding numbers.

process So easy! Although the sewing took a while;)

Ideas to play and learn:

  • How many beads do you feel? Count them.
  • Which one is the most/least?
  • Count the pink and yellow egg together, how many beads together?(addition)
  • How many beads has the pink one less than the green one?(subtraction)
  • Add corresponding number of pompoms to the eggs.

  play & learn  
These felt egg counters are great as a multisensory learning tool, and will bring colour to any Maths lesson!




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