Jelly Beans Busy Bag

We are continuing with our A-Z Busy Bag Series and today we have J! J is for Jelly Beans!

jelly bean sorting
This is such a simple idea: sorting jelly beans according to colour, with or without the tweezers.

You need:

  • Jelly beans
  • A container with compartments(I used a pill box)
  • Tweezers(optional)
  • Stickers and markers

what you need
I first coloured the stickers the same colour as the jelly beans and stuck them on the inside of the lids of the pill box:

sorting box
I thought my 3 year old can sort the beans without the tweezer, but he wanted to try it. It is a tiny bit tricky, you have to grab it just right, but he got it right! This bit is great for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Best part after the sorting: you can eat your jelly beans! He is telling me that she(look at that smug face) is eating it all!

A fun, easy busy bag idea to put together when traveling! The incentive of completing the sorting-priceless!

PS: Have you seen the last post that was shared for letter I? I is for Instruments!

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