Earth Day Handprint & Photo Keepsake

By now you know I have a *tiny* obsession over salt dough handprint keepsakes!

I put a challenge up for myself to create a new one every month, crazy or not? Well, this 5th one is a pretty Earth Day keepsake!  earth day keepsake
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Like with the last four: Handprint & Photo OrnamentHandprint & Photo HeartSnow Globe Fingerprint Keepsake and Easter Handprint Keepsake, we used salt dough. This time we used a bit more: 1 and a half cup of flour(all purpose/cake) and 1 and a half cup of salt mixed with about three quarter cup of water. The water was mixed in slowly until we reached the consistency of playdough.  flour, salt and water

We made two bowls, one blue and one green. Then mixed it together to create a marbled look, like our planet.

coloured dough
Now, I made one fatal mistake this time: adding the one ball of dough to this cookie sheet. One would think because it is non-stick, the dried keepsake will just come loose, it did not. And when I forced it out, it cracked. The other one(not photographed here, but in main picture)where we used a silicon cake pan, came out perfectly. I’m sharing this as a warning, and also to show you that we have oopsies as well!

In any case, this is what to do: press it down smoothly(no thicker than 1cm) , press handprint and make holes for the string. Use a heart cookie cutter to press out a heart in the middle of the hand palm.

Add wording and the date with alphabet stamps like these or use a toothpick to write it.

Bake for about 3 hours, 100’C(200’F). Let it cool completely. We left it overnight.

Add your photo and string. I added this photo as an example(it is what I had), but I want to print a bigger face photo. I think it will look better.
I did not varnish this keepsake but I did see with another project that damp weather softened the frame so I would recommend spraying your salt dough project with a Clear Varnish to protect it.


A pretty Earth Day keepsake you can make with salt dough, or if you want a lighter keepsake, use these air drying clay(green and blue):

earth globe keepsake

UPDATE: We used air drying clay for this one! I must say, it is much lighter, and I do like that, but the handprint is not that clear!


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  1. Dawn says

    I *adore* this craft and would love to offer something similar at the farmers’ market whose kids’ tent I run, but I’m not clear what kind of glue to suggest (or better yet, make and send home baggies of, since families might not have an appropriate special glue) to attach the photos.

  2. says

    Hi Nadia, Love this idea! Can I promote some of your craf works at It is a non-profit space for people who care about environmental protection and our sustainable future to inform and inspire others and source support. The project was launched some weeks ago and we are inviting projects and ideas from all sectors to join our network of friends.
    Lilian recently posted…Promote environmental initiatives and engage your community with Sustainable FriendsMy Profile

  3. Taleigha says

    quick question when writing on these using a tooth pick am i lightly writing or do i need to go deeper into the dough we are paint ours and i really want the wording to stand out????


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