100 Chart Race-to-Win Counting Game

Today I am sharing a (very) low prep math activity- 100 chart race-to-win counting game!   counting game
The main objectives with this game is to work on counting and counting using a 100 chart. A lot of times young learners encounter these problems when introduced to a number chart:

  1. do not know how to use a 100 chart
  2. do not know where to start counting
  3. which direction to go to add
  4. which direction to go to subtract
  5. simply to count without skipping numbers.

materials needed This counting game is really easy to set up.
What you need:

  • 100 chart(or 120/200)
  • Counters(we used our stickeez)
  • Markers
  • Dice

Mark random numbers red and green. (You can make a line or encircle the number.) Write START at number 1 and WIN at number 100:


Note: More than two players can play.

Take turn to throw the dice, move the number you throw. When you land on a red-marked number you have to go 5 blocks back, counting backwards(subtracting). When you land on a green-marked number, you can count 5 more blocks, going forward thus adding. The first one at 100 wins!
While playing this game, talk about the numbers and use mathematical language(plus, minus, more, less etc.) The learner will get more use to the 100 chart playing this game in a fun way, and when it is used during a math lesson, he/she is familiar with it.

100 chart game

A fun, low prep counting game with lots of educational value!

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