Straws & Pipecleaners Fireworks Wand

Even though we are not in the US, all the red and blue I see lately on social media in preparation of the 4th of July celebrations, inspired this straws and pipecleaners fireworks wand! 

straws&pipecleaners fireworks wand
One can change up the colours to fit any “theme”. For this craft we used red and blue straws and white pipecleaners(silver would be better, but I did not have any on hand). Bend the three pipecleaners into the “fireworks” star, as seen in the photo below:

materials needed
This craft is perfect opportunity to develop scissors skills too. Let the kids cut up the straws:

cutting straws

Threading the cut straws onto the pipecleaners is good for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

We used a red, blue pattern, another skills preschoolers need to master.

Another straw and pipecleaner was used to make the wand to attach to the fireworks star. First threaded through, from the bottom, then curled around it:

This fireworks wand craft is easy and quick, but with loads of educational value.

And a fun activity too, perfect for a last minute 4th of July activity or any other occasion.

Happy 4th of July to all our American readers!

fireworks wand craft


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