Pretzel and Almond Bark Gift

End of the year also means end of our school year. We try to make special gifts for teachers and this year we made yummy pretzel and almond bark!
Pretzel and almond bark
The great thing about bark is that you can change the combination of ingredients to whatever you fancy or think will work together.

We used:

  • pretzels
  • milk chocolate(we used two large slabs)
  • shredded almonds
  • red sprinkles

(I want to add caramel/toffee next time I make this.)

Jar gift

Simply pack out the pretzels in a flat, greased container. This is fun for the kids to help with too. Sprinkle the nuts over the pretzels.

Melt the chocolate. We use a medium container inside a large container that has water. Then microwave it on 70% power for about 3 minutes and stir every minute.

Pour the chocolate over the pretzels and immediately add the sprinkles.

Place the container in the fridge until hardened. Break into pieces once hardened and place in a pretty jar. Add a handmade gift tag (see these easy tags for inspiration) and there you have a lovely handmade gift- pretzel and almond bark gift!

Pretzel and almond bark

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