Carols Jar Christmas Family Tradition

Do you have a special Christian family tradition you observe around the festive season? What do you do in your home to make this season meaningful? We are starting this Christmas carols jar tradition this year, and you could too!
Carols jar
The idea is to use the jar on Christmas Eve(or any other time leading up to Christmas) and sing carols as a family. (You can use technology and find the song on YouTube to lead you if you are not confident or familiar will some of the carols.)

To make the jar, you need:

  • an empty jar
  • craft sticks
  • washi tape
  • stickers(optional)
  • marker

Materials needed
Now, simply write carols on the craft sticks. (I have used a combination of Afrikaans and English ones, Christian only. We hear enough secular songs everywhere, but it is your choice to include it or not.)
To make the carol sticks pretty, tape some Washi tape around the ends. Decorate the jar with Washi tape and stickers too. Add the sticks to the jar and place the carols jar near the Christmas tree, ready for Christmas Eve!
Carol sticks
And that is it, a carols jar to use as a new and meaningful family tradition! Connect as a family AND teach your kids the reason we celebrate the season by worshipping our Lord and King!
Carols tradition

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