Disney Badge Ornament

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Last year we went to Walt Disney World for the first time. It was simply amazing! We bought back many magical memories and I wanted to add something of the magic on our Christmas tree. Hence this cute Disney badge ornament!

Disney badge ornament

If it is your first time at WDW you can ask for a First Time badge at public relations(you can also get a happy birthday badge and special occasion badges).

I glued two badges, back to back, to each other with a glue gun.

Badges, glue, ribbon

I added a string while doing this so that it can hang. Then, I added more glue and the ribbon all around the edges.

This was a 5 minutes project, so easy. If you want to involve the kids you can, but rather use other strong glue and not a hot glue gun, just to be safe.

Now our magical Disney badge is on our tree and it reminds us about a lovely 1st visit. Until we meet again WDW!

WDW Ornament

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