I-spy Letters in the Sky Sensory Bag

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Here is a colourful rainbow themed sensory bag idea: I-Spy letters in the “sky”! Multi sensory learning at its best!

I-spy letters in the sky
This sensory bag is great for developing visual perception: the child has to find a certain letter and recognize it. It pleases visual and tactile senses making the learning experience fun!

To make a I-spy letters sensory bag you need:

  • rainbow colour craft foam letters
  • shaving foam
  • large and sturdy bag(ziploc type can work too)
  • sticky tape
  • blue tray(optional)

Materials needed

First, add the shaving foam to the bag. I used about half of a can, but this will depend on the size of your bag. Fill the bag about halfway so that when it is flattened it will be full.

Then add the letters.

Shaving foam

Shake it up a bit and try to get as much air out as possible. Tape it shut properly with sticky tape  if you did not use a self-closing bag.

Ready to be used! If you place the bag on a blue tray, it gives the illusion of a blue sky with the white “clouds”. This is not necessary, bit do place it on a flat surface. You can add a list of letters to find and the child can cross it off as he/she goes, or, try to make words by moving the letters around.


A super fun way to work on those letter recognition skills while having sensory, but not so messy, fun!

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