Cardboard Word Puzzles

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This cardboard word puzzle activity is such a fun activity for learning words. It is perfect for kids that need movement and excitement during learning!
Cardboard word Puzzles

We used cardboard to make some cards with words on them and then cut it out into shapes to fit together like a puzzle.
Then we hid the puzzle pieces all over the house and the kids had to find it, like a scavenger hunt!
Scavenger hunt

If you have kids of different ages, the words on the cards should differ according to their reading level to create a challenge for them. Perhaps use a different colour for each child to differentiate without being obvious. This is a good activity for words that they struggle with because you can hide the same word again until they remember it through play.

Only hide one word at a time for younger kids but for big kids you can hide a few words at a time to make it more challenging.
Also, some children will benefit more from this activity if you cut the words according to sounds rather than letters. For example, cut “boat” up as “b” “oa” “t”. For long words one can cut it according to syllables, or root words with pre- and suffixes.

Have frugal fun learning and spelling with these cardboard puzzles!

Word Puzzles

Contributed by Natasha Joubert 

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