Cutlery Tray to Glue Gun Holder

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I just needed wanted a new glue gun, since my old one was not working properly and one cannot be a professional blogger without a proper tools right? And a new gun needs a holder, so, a cutlery tray became a glue gun holder!

Glue Gun holder

I thought I’ll  share this great hack and you can adapt it to your needs. A wooden/bamboo cutlery tray will look much better, but, I used what I had since, you know, I already splurged, lol!

Cutlery Tray

These trays are great for holding the glue gun AND there are space to keep the glue sticks too!

I asked hubby to make a small hole to fit the plug through. He cut it with a carpet knife. You do not need to cut a hole, though, the wire can go over the rim. I just found it made the gun fall over, hence the hole.
Plug hole

I added a cupcake liner so the glue won’t mess in the tray and one can simply throw away the liner when dirty. Then, the glue sticks found a place and voilá! The perfect glue gun holder repurposing a cutler tray!
Glue Gun hack  

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