Fine Motor & Colour Sorting Eggs

Make these felt Easter eggs for a fun fine motor and colour sorting activity your preschooler will love!
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  fine motor/sorting  eggs   
What you need:

  • Different colour felt sheets(you could use craft foam or cardboard too)
  • An egg template
  • Corresponding colour pompoms
  • Tweezer

Cut an egg out of all the colours. I used these five colours since I had it on hand:

felt eggs  
Arrange it on a tray or table and let your child sort the coloured pompoms onto the corresponding colour eggs:

  at work   
You can talk about the colours and count the pompoms too. Extend this activity by asking questions like which egg has the most/least etc. 

sorted pompoms  Not only does this activity work on fine motor skills and colour sorting, but it is also good for hand eye coordination, visual perception and counting.


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