DIY Washi Tape Dispenser


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Lately, I’ve been trying reaaally hard to be more organized in terms of my craft supplies. I am not nearly there yet, but are making some progress.
I’ll share some creative ways in the next few weeks on how I organize these supplies. To start of with: Tapes!
The small washi tapes(I don’t have much yet, because here in South Africa it is quite expensive because it gets imported), but my collection will keep on growing, I’m sure, because nowadays you get the prettiest Washi tape !
I’ve used an empty foil dispenser, painted it, and placed the washi tape rolls around the original cardboard tube. The sharp edge is so convenient!
So from this:

To this:

Easy enough! If you have lots of washi tape rolls, and have to make a few of these dispensers, you could cover up the cardboard with different strips of washi tapes, so you can see which roll is in which dispenser at quick glance.

I have my big tapes(cellotapes, painters tape, Scotch Duct Tape etc.) on a standing kitchen towel dispenser. You could also use the ones you put in the wall to keep them organized against a wall.


There you go, a few creative ways to organize tapes!
Be sure to check back in for more organizing tips next week!


  1. Betty819 says

    I’m going to head out to Michael’s or A.C. Moore today to buy myself some Washi tape and experiment with using it. I’m searching for lots of ideas how it can be used and I’m finding a lot of clever uses. Even have a 40% off Michael’s coupon from Sunday’s newspaper inserts.

  2. Sheryl Musick says

    I love your ideas and would love to be scrapbook pals and send you some washi tape for sharing your awesome ideas. If you would like to just email me a mailing address and I will forward you some! Thanks again and Happy Scrappin’!

    Cheers & Smiles!


  3. barbara Zak says

    What an amazing, easy and creative way to store Washi tape. You can bet I’ll be making one of these…well, maybe 2 or 3. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Deidra says

    I purchased a bathroom tissue holder to store some of my washi tape. It holds about 30-35 rolls depending on the width.

  5. Betty819 says

    You mentioned that you painted your empty foil box..which is my favorite color..spray paint? foam applicator/brush? Could covering the empty box with duct tape make it stronger?

  6. Johanna says

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! What a fabulous idea!! So clever! I bought a mug stand -basically a vertical paper towel holder but with ‘branches’ to hang the mugs on. It is pretty, when I leave the tape on my desk, that is. I end up hauling my supplies to the living room so I can hang out with the rest of the family. Your way would be pretty AND functional! I am so excited about this. I got here from Pinterest. I also repinned so my friends know about it,too. 🙂

  7. Denine says

    Love the Washi Tape dispenser, but the paper towel dispenser to hold other tape…THAT will make my life *much* easier! THANK YOU!!


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