DIY Noteboard Clips

Today I am sharing a simple DIY: noteboard clips reusing Magic Band accessories, or if you don’t have any of those, just use any buttons in its place!

Noteboard clips from Magic Band accessories

So, we visited Disney World in December and brought back our Magic bands and its Accessories/charms. These glitter ones were my daughter, can you guess? My son had Toy Story ones, but I thought these glitter ones will go better on my noteboard?

The small button at the back fits perfectly into these plain metal clips, so I used my glue gun to attach it permanently.

Attach with glue gun
Then, I used these glitter tapes I also bought in the US, to add more bling to the clips:

Glitter tape
Lastly, I glued the thumb tacks to the clips as well, using once again, the glue gun. The tacks goes through the hole at the back of the clip:

Attach thumb tacks
This was a quick craft, perfect for your older kids to do with help. It will pretty up any noteboard for sure! It will make a great teacher’s gift too!

Noteboard clips

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