DIY Felt Board Gift

I LOVE gifts that can be used from toddler age to school-going age. So, when my friend’s daughter turned one, I made her a felt board she can use now- to randomly stick and peel felt pieces to and from and later to learn her name and also to play with other felt pieces(I will pass some of these along), making up stories.
Felt board
This felt board is quite easy to make. You need:

Simply wrap the felt around the board as you would wrap a present(as neatly as possible, ours were quite tricky) and staple or glue it down. I like this wooden board because one can store the little bags with different felt pieces at the back.

Back of board

The name I cut out myself without a template, but one can get ready-cut letters. The stars were ready-cut. For a 1 year old I suggest the bigger, the better. She can easily grab the pieces and try to stick them back again.


Let the board stand up for vertical work. So good for developing the should girdle muscles, and, more interesting than laying flat.

Vertical board

Great gift idea that enhances sensory learning, while body delevopment AND provides hours of independent play too! Best of all, it can be use throughout her formative years and when going to school she can use it for pretend play or to practice spelling words!

Felt board gift


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    That is great gift idea. I am godmother of a 2 year old little sweet girl and I think to surprise her with such a gift. I think this will be able to keep her attention for longer and she will like it a lot.

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