Felt Heart Envelope

Today I had to work with the sewing machine, shortening curtains, and while busy with that, I got the idea to make a felt heart envelope. This is perfect to add some sweets for a special someone(this one is for my daughter), or even a little letter.

Felt a Heart Envelope

Obviously, you don’t have to use a sewing machine, you could hand sew, or just use a glue gun.

What I did:

I used a white felt rectangle, about 150×75.


Then I folded in half, and again in half like this. It is easier to cut half of a heart, but double it, to give a mirrored effect. And I wanted a front and back side, hence the double fold.

Folding and cutting

Now you have a double heart. I cut another heart, just smaller than the 1st one, to add later.

Cut heart

I set my machine to zig zag mode. Then went around the heart, leaving the top open.


I added a heart button:

Button added

I did the same with the smaller heart, and also sewn my daughter’s initial, using another sewing mode.

Initial added

Lastly, the sweets were added:

Sweets added

A sweet gift indeed☺️

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