Whiteboard Hack for Maths Activities

My daughter started grade 1 this year, and so homework has started for her(us) now too! While the language part comes naturally for her, maths is another matter. She is a concrete learner(very much appropriate for her age), and that is why I came up with this simple whiteboard hack to help with maths activities.

Whiteboard Hack for Maths Activities

I reused a cheap whiteboard (or dry erase board)and some plastic bottle tops/lids. These big Velcro Dots were stuck on the lids and on the whiteboard. I only added 10 for now, because she only has sums up to 10 now, but will add more lids as she advances throughout the year. One can add lids all around the whiteboard!

Velcro dots on lids
I write a sum for her on the whiteboard with a marker, then she has to count out the lids, and write the answer:

She can also work independently and write her own sums plus answers, which I just check. One could use this whiteboard hack in a class situation as well, no more counters landing up on the floor!

Take away sums
This works so well with minus sums, because she has to literally ‘take away’ a number of lids, which helps her to understand the concept. The fact that the Velcro dots are quite sticky AND it makes a sound when pulled off, adds to the sensory learning experience which my sensory seeker needs.

My 4 year old also wanted to do work and although I write the sums for him and answers, he enjoyed and caught on to simple sums very easily too. Seems like I will have to get another cheap whiteboard and attach lids for him as well?

Whiteboard Hack for Maths Activities
Use this hack for simple counting sums, pairing activities, skip counting, bonds etc.
A simple whiteboard hack to help with maths activities and it does not cost much to make either!


  1. […] We have found that she has to unwind and play her day out when she gets home. She will have a place in the house where she sets up her “classroom” and I listen to how she plays teacher(that tells me loads?). She has to tell me when she is ready for homework, or I have to bribe her at times, but then she sits on the bar stool that swivels, which helps. We also do lots of sensory based activities to learn her spelling(see THIS post)words and doing sums(check out this Whiteboard Hack. […]

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